12. Reputation Is EVERYTHING

More Specifically, your online reputation is EVERYTHING. Guard it as if your business depended upon it. One bad review, whether truthful or not, can make one or every customer that sees it decide to go elsewhere. There is a reason that websites like Yelp are the most highly visited sites before anyone chooses a particular business.

People want to know about the experiences others have had, with an understanding that opinions differ, and you cannot always please everyone. Usually, people are truthful about their experience, good or bad, and some only post for those extremes. More times than not, the reviews overall give a pretty accurate representation of the business.

Great reviews will make someone more open to trying a business out themselves. Video marketing is a great way to not only communicate your brand identity, but also build your own reputation through your own presentation. But you cannot rely solely on this. You must run your business with much consideration for maintaining a positive reputation. Which leads me to my next point.