7. USP

Define and Focus on your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition/Point. This is where you differentiate yourself from your competition. What is the factor or characteristic that sets your business apart from the rest? Some may think that their industry or type of business is pretty much like all the rest, but have you thought about why customers choose your business instead of your competition. It is not always as simple as convenience and location. How do you position yourself and your business to stand out from the crowd above your competition, so your customers will drive across town, passing your competition to get to you?

And to be very clear, your USP should not be something that your business should already be providing, like prompt, courteous, professional, accurate, reliable and quality service. Those are necessary for sure, but there should be more than just the basic needs that customers already expect from any business. It is also important to remember that people don’t always buy strictly based on price. You never want to be the cheapest. Price is the single easiest thing your competition can duplicate. Exceptional service is very hard, but will set you apart from the pack.

Look at your business through the eyes of your customer. What makes them want to do business with you? What are you doing that solves or addresses their pain point better than your competition? What motivates your customers’ behavior and buying decisions?

Take an honest outside look at your own business. This process can be very humbling, but eye opening. You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame. It’s always a good practice to change your perception and see things outside of your own eyes.

Ask your friends what they like about your business, but also ask them what they may not like. A lot of people may feel weird about doing that, but if you reassure them that there will be no hard feelings and that you are only looking to see your business from another set of eyes to see where you can make improvements to the business, a good friend will be willing to oblige and it may reveal some things that you were oblivious to.

It may also give you great insights to where you can focus your efforts to develop or amplify what you are doing right, which could reveal your USP. And the best part about a genuine third-party perspective is that it is free. It did not come at the expense of a bad review on your Google Business or Yelp page.

A strong, well communicated USP will help customers quickly understand what your business offers and why they should choose you over your competition. Video marketing is great for communicating and presenting your USP to potential clients who are looking for your type of business and have to make a decision on who to work with or buy from.