4. Under Promise and Over Deliver

Part of making sure you can always keep your word, is under promising. There is nothing worse than creating high expectations from a client and not being able to live up to them. I am not saying you should not present your products and services in the best light possible. If you believe in them, of course you should give the best representation of your business. I am saying you should never tell a client or potential client anything misleading or more than what you know is possible. I’m sure that goes without saying. If you plant that seed of expectation, your clients will look for that result. If you cannot deliver, don’t plant that seed. If you cannot guarantee delivery, don’t set the expectation of certainty.

It is always better to give your customers the experience of surprise when they got more than what they were expecting, rather than looking for what they were expecting only to be disappointed. That can be the difference between a happy repeat customer and a dissatisfied one-time customer.

With the policy of over delivering, comes the perception that good enough is not enough. If you run your business with this mentality, every product or service you provide will be exceptional. You will find yourself seeking out ways to make them better and better. You will invest in the tools that will step your game up to higher levels. You will invest in yourself to develop the skills to be better at your craft. You will do more and take the time to make sure you are adding premium value to your customers. Every interaction with your business will be enjoyable and hopefully, memorable. Your customers will feel the difference and appreciate the value.