14. Website Is A Business Necessity

There are still businesses that do not have a website, believe it or not. If this is you, please see tip #11 for inspiration to take action. I can understand the hesitations. Maybe you think that a business in YOUR industry does not need one. Or maybe you think it is too big of an undertaking. Or maybe you have not yet come to the realization that it has become a critical marketing tool for your long-term success. Hey, you have done fine without one, right? Or maybe you are too busy to make it a priority.

The reason does not matter. The results do. And the excuses are dwindling away with more and more ways to get your website up and running easily and for a minimal investment.

Any business that has aspirations of staying relevant and growing their business in today’s dynamic environment, needs to know how to adapt to the changing technological landscape and understand how this affects consumer behavior.

A website has now become a business necessity. There are plenty of compelling statistics that show the benefits of having a website over not. Here we will briefly discuss a few topics about your number one marketing asset.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Do you have a website where I can find out more information?” There are so many different websites and apps competing for consumers’ eyeballs and attention. Your website is the center of your online presence and the hub for all your other digital outlets and social media. Stay ready with one channel, instead of giving that person 5 different apps and websites where they can find you.

Your website does not have to be fancy or expensive, unless you really want to shine and stand out above your crowded competition. You must at the very least have an online presence, including a website, if you want to survive moving forward. We are in the digital age and you must adapt to changing consumer behavior.

Have you ever wondered why companies pay thousands of dollars for their website to be optimized to show up on the first page of major search engines for keywords relevant to their business? These businesses understand that in order to bring new customers in, they need to be found. And the most effective way to be found is to be first. To get your website on the first page of Google for your business’s most relevant keywords will most certainly make you visible.

Some Google fun facts: Google drives 96% of US mobile search traffic and there are an average of 63,000 Google searches performed every single second.

Consumers searching for a business online are looking for information and they want it yesterday. Attention spans are short and instant gratification is expected. They want to know the who, what, where, when, why and how about a company. They want to know what is being offered, clearly and to the point with ease of navigation and clarity of the buying process, even after a purchase is completed.

They want to know who they will be doing business with and will gauge your credibility and professionalism based on your website. Your website can make you look like a $5 company, or a $5M company.

Your website content and design can and should reflect the creativity, passion, character, and personality of the owner, the team and the culture of the company. This is also where you dive deep into your USP to illustrate why anyone should do business with you.

Your website is the one place where you have full control over the narrative and message you communicate to the public. Review websites like Yelp, or even your Google Business page allow for the public to add their opinion of your business and can alter your image, your reputation, and ultimately your revenues. While it is critical for you to maintain a positive reputation on these websites, you cannot rely solely on something you have limited control over.

As there are still many businesses that have no website yet, there are just as many businesses who have an unsightly website. I understand tastes vary greatly, but so many websites out there make the businesses look cheap and unprofessional. The look and feel of websites is constantly evolving, with better looking graphics, styles, layouts, templates, and effects and the businesses that have a visually appealing design to complement great content, present a higher level of professionalism and project relevance and credibility.