15. Video Marketing Is NOW

As businesses without websites are still behind in the race for digital relevance, the next trend, the current trend, has been brewing and shows no sign of slowing down. The same way websites have become a business necessity, so too will video marketing for your business.

We all know that Google is the #1 search engine in the world. What most people do not know is that YouTube is #2. And for good reason. People can watch videos all day without taking a break. Video is versatile, engaging, easy on the eyes, and entertaining.

Video is how most consumers would prefer to view content to learn about products, services, and companies. Video helps them make buying decisions. The search engines love video, if you know how to properly optimize the video for high ranking.

Video increases conversation rates on websites and increases click through rates on emails. Videos are great for educating consumers, explaining products and services, communicating your brand message, story-telling and showing your creativity, character and personality. It is no surprise that it is the preferred method of receiving and viewing content.

Usage of video marketing continues to rise every year, but that does not mean you are too late. In the next few years, every business will have a video or utilize video marketing in some way, OR get left behind. With that said, video presentations of your business, video ads, explainer videos, and video marketing are what’s next, and more importantly, what’s NOW.

You want to be first in your market. We are still early in the growth of video marketing for small and local businesses. If your competition starts BEFORE you, they will be stealing potential clients FROM you.

There will come a time WHEN (not if) you will be punished financially if you do not adapt to the way consumers view content. Right now, you can get a trophy just for participation. Meaning you get to reap the benefits that video marketing brings just by taking action now. The longer you wait, the further ahead your competition will be. BE FIRST, so YOU can be the one who will attract all the customers and leave your competition scrambling to keep up.

Here are some interesting statistics about video marketing:

80% of all digital traffic will be video in 2020

YouTube videos on mobile outreach every TV time-slot

50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store

95% of a message is retained when seen in a video

Videos generate 12x more shares on social media than text & images combined

Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% & brand association by 139%

I can site statistics and percentages, split testing results, and survey findings, but let’s make it real and relevant to you. If YOU are looking for a certain type of business in your particular location or area, and when you searched, you came across a website for a business and a video for a business, which one are YOU choosing to click on? If you had a choice between viewing pictures of a business or viewing a video of a business, which one are you choosing? Would you rather read about a business or have the business presented to you via a video? Read a list of specs, features and benefits while looking at pictures of products or services, or watch an explainer video detailing all of those things for you, visually?

Most people would rather save themselves the eye strain of reading on a screen and conveniently watch the video every time. I hope this brings home the point that video marketing is critical for your business’ lasting success.